20 January 2012

New Facebook Message

Lena Headey:
Lemme say happy birthday to the lady who gave me birthday gifts... I'm right.. Right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenn Morr
Piper looked so beautiful.. But then if she were to wear a pizza box and an eye patch.... Over the award weekend I met Meryl Streep... I had had a vodka and so wasn't shy with my deluge of love for her.. She handled my excitement with sweetness... Thank you MS.
PD won the globe. Very happy for him. My thrones brother.
This is the name drop post. Wow. I just re read. What a cheese ball.
I hiked this morning... A little late on the NYR.. But the door is open and I gladly step into health...
LA is chilly. It's lovely. Sweaters and boots. What a delight.
Enjoy your weekends...

Source: Lena's Official Facebook Page (January 20, 2012)

Cersei & Tyrion Lannister!!

Okay, okay... Lena & Peter!!!


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